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"Absolutely brilliant, and so well executed. Will leave a smile on my face for quite some time.

             -  Anthea Nicholls

Public Speaking

Black Tie dinners

A brilliant talk! I laughed out loud several times


Engaging Personality

What an exciting speaker Mr Harris is, and such an interesting talk. I didn't want it to end.  Please can we have him again?


                            -  Margaret.

Choosing a speaker for your event can be a nightmare.  Will they be appropriate? Will their material be offensive?  Will they keep your target audience amused and entertained.  Anyone who has had to act as a speaker-finder will be familiar with these concerns.

Geoffrey Harris is a public speaker with an impeccable track record.  Able to hold live audiences ranging in size from 10 to 300, whether it is for a club or association meeting, a luncheon club or an after-dinner speaker, his hugely engaging and humorous style will guarantee the success of any event.

Geoffrey is currently offering four very different, but equally amusing talks:

1.  A Toastmaster's Tales 


A light-hearted and informative look at the world of a modern British Toastmaster.

2.  Folklore, Folk Tales and Funny Folk 


Some of the more bizarre laws and rules of this wonderful country of ours examined and explained, along with a sprinkling of old wives' tales.

3.  The London No-one Tells You About  


Just that, a look at the quirkier side and history of our wonderful capital, away from the famous tourist attractions.

4.  A Most Bizarre History of British Eccentricities  


We are not just talking individuals here.  We look at some of our wonderfully nutty institutions as well as crazy clubs and societies. In fact, we just look at the country as a whole!

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I enjoyed that so much! Informative and very witty.

                   - Pamella

Immaculate presentation

A wonderfully

engaging speaker! Such fun and a brilliant array of interesting and quirky knowledge. Highly recommended.

                   - Lynda Cove

Any venue. any style
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